Sugar Colt (Jack Betts credited as Hunt Powers) is an undercover agent who travels to the town of Snake Valley to investigate the disappearance of a group of U.S army officers who are being held for ransom. Posing as a doctor, Colt unravels the mystery surrounding the men's disappearance while battling the town's army of henchmen and eventually has to confront the evil town boss in order to liberate the captives. Along the way he wins the affections and respect of the lovely Soledad Miranda.


1:46:00 min  /  WESTERN  /  ITALY




Franco Giraldi


Jack Betts

Soledad Miranda

Giuliano Raffaelli

Gina Rovere

Q & A with Jack Betts

As an attending guest, Betts was asked to pick one of his movies to screen. He chose Sugar Colt “because it is one of my favorites. It gave me the opportunity to play three different characters in the story line, which gave me more of a chance to challenge myself as an actor. I think it will be fun watching it again with an audience. I’m really looking forward to that.”


Jack Betts is an American actor of film, stage and television. A member of the Actor’s Studio, he began his career on daytime soap operas and as a leading man in spaghetti westerns. With over a hundred film credits to his name, he has since gone on to appear in some of the most high profile films of the last three decades, including Batman And Robin, Gods And Monsters, Office Space, 8MM and Spider-Man.